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Our decks come from Cartamundi, USPCC, Copag, Fournier, Theory11, Ellusionist, Elite, Stockholm17, Gamblers Warehouse, Offason, ANYONE, TCC, Penguin, Card Shark, Black Ink, LUX, D&D, Bocopo, and others

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Here you will find standard playing cards of very high quality. Bicycle from the USPCC is the world's most common deck o... Products

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Good looking and luxurious decks, collector decks, theme decks, odd decks, numbered limited edition decks and in every c... Products


You can play poker with any type of deck. But many poker players like the use of plastic decks that are used in the majo... Products

Playing Cards Online

Welcome to Kortleksbolaget. A pure playing card shop online. At our store you will find over 1000 different playing cards from a range of manufacturers, everything from the more ordinary kinds to the special collectibles. We have playing cards for every aspect of your life, no matter what you’re after.

Playing cards are extremely diverse objects with many different applications. With a single deck of cards you can entertain yourself or your crowd for a long time. Play card games, solitaire or do different kinds of magic tricks. The most common type and the one we usually think of when we say playing cards is the French-English deck of cards. It consists of 52 cards that are divided into four different colors, or suits. The colors in turn consist of one ace each. Number cards ranged from 2-10 and three suited cards; one Jack, a Queen and a King. With the help of these cards we have through history created a multitude of different card games that has entertained many generations

A deck as a gift

A deck of cards can also work great as a gift. We have tons of luxurious and unique designs, perfect for the collector or the poker fan, for example. Getting a deck of cards as a gift is usually very much appreciated. Most people have some connection or memories connected to a deck of playing cards. At school, you may be sitting and playing cards during breaks, or you may have found the next big magician who is on his way to his big breakthrough. Regardless of who you want to give a gift to, we have a deck of cards that we think will fit perfectly.