Integrity Policy

In our integrity policy below we inform your about Kortleksbolagets personal data processing.

1. Introduction

Kortleksbolaget Sverige AB, 559275-3403, takes integrity protection and data protection very seriously. Therefore through this integrity policy we want to inform you about the personal data processing we store about you. Personal data is data that directly or indirectly can identify you as an individual. Name, phone number, adress and e-mail, for example. Kortleksbolaget follows all relevant laws regarding this and all personal data processing is based on EU:S dataprotection rules, GDPR (EU) 2016/679. You can read more about this rule at Sveriges tillsynsmyndighets website

Responsible for the perosonal data processing is Kortleksbolaget Sverige AB, 559275-3403.  You contact us regarding integrity- and data protection at eller på 0709-79 20 07.


2. Collection of information

When you use, make a purchase, log in or log out we collect information about you. The collected information includes your name, your e-mail and your phone number.

We also automatically recieve and process information from your computer and webbrowser, including your IP-adress, information about your software and hardware and also the requested page.

Information about our policy will help you understand what kind of information Korleksbolaget collects and how it’s used. By accepting our policy on the website in connection with any purchases or entering your information you constent to the use of your personal information in unity with the information below.


3. What the information is used for

  • Improve your experience on the website by doing it more personal and meet your needs
  • Being able to show personalized advertisements
  • Make our website better
  • Make our customer service better and understand your need for service better
  • Contact you by e-mail
  • Give us opportunity to arrange competitions, give you personal offers or conclude surveys

4. Security

We do not pass on any information we collect to any third party. Your personal information is only shared if it’s required to process your request, inquiry or order.

5. Disclosure to third-party

We do not sell, buy or in any other way transfer information that can be used to identify you to third parties. This does not include third parties that help us run our website or company, with the demand that these parties keep your information confidental.

We deem it necessary to share information for the purpose of investigate, prevent or take action against illegal activities, suspicion of fraud, situations that carry a risk to a persons physical safety, crimes against our user terms or other situations where the law requires it.

Public information can be shared to third parties for marketing, advertisements or other uses.
We recommend that you read the policys from our third party suppliers.


6. Cookies

We use cookies at We do this to improve availability, identify and to analyze how visitors use With the help of cookies we can improve the user experience by track and personalize the visitors interest.

Kortleksbolaget uses Google Analytics with the purpose of collecting webstatistics and to understand user behavior in the purpose of better shaping our content.

Theres two types of cookies.

One type saves a file under a longer period of time on your computer. It is used by functions that shows what is new since the users last visit, for example.

The second type of cookies are called sessioncookies. During the time you’re browsing a website this cookie is temporarely saved in your computers memory, to keep track of what language you’ve choosen for example. Sessioncookies are not saved on your computer but disappear when you close your browser.

The use of cookies on this website is optional. If you wish to disable the use of cookies you can do so in the settings of your choosen browser.

7. Changes in our policy

We take the integrity policy very seriously but also acknowledge the fact that this is a long term process. Therefore we reserve the right to change our integrity policy any time it’s necessary to meet the requirements of new legal and technical demands.

8. Subscription

Kortleksbolaget uses the e-mail you register to send information and updates that are relevant for you. If you wish to not recieve any of these updates you can cancel the subscription by following the instructions at the bottom of each e-mail.

9. Consent

By using our website you consent to our integrity policy.